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We teach the revolutionary “Right Sided Swing” philosophy which was developed by coaching “Guru” Gary Edwin. The Right Sided Swing has simplified golf instruction and allowed golfers at every level to achieve better ball-striking, consistency, power and the ability to perform better under pressure.

We simply believe in setting your body with the correct angles at address, and by maintaining these angles throughout the swing, returning the club back to a square position at impact is a simple process. This eliminates all unnecessary movement in the golf swing, and is the key to building a consistently powerful and repeatable golf swing.

By maintaining your spine angle during the swing, there will be minimal stress on the body and therefore a player will be less prone to sustaining injury.

Rather than giving “swing tips” or doing short-term “quick-fixes”, our qualified instructors educate the student to understand their own swing pattern and the influences that this pattern has on the ball flight. We believe that with the understanding of posture, radius, turn and weight transfer, a student will be well on their way to developing an efficient golf swing that will hold up under pressure.

Developing a Right Sided Swing motion will allow you to realize your true golfing potential and thoroughly enjoy playing this great game for a lifetime!

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